PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA GDPR has set up a specialized small group to protect the personal data of the user / visitor. The company Importer Christodoulos Moutsos A.E.V.EN.OX with Tax Identification Number 099865266, registered office at 82 Achilleiou 82, Corfu, PC 49084 email:, tel: 2661039593 and website


The personal data that are collected are kept for the period during which may use them for information and service of the user / visitor, but always with the consent and personal consent of the user / visitor, the who will be informed through the use of questionnaires, in order to secure his consent. In any case, the user / visitor always has the right to withdraw from accepting the terms of use of, provided he informs in writing at or call 2661039593.


The personal data is handled by the person in charge of personal data security of, and no one else can access it without the consent of the rest of the company’s staff, who has already been informed about the new General Regulation for Protection Data Protection (GPDR), the implementation of which started on May 25, 2018 and establishes rules for data protection throughout Europe.


For the best protection of data, high encryption programs are used in accordance with current legislation. It is also expressly prohibited to transfer this data via USB sticks, Laptops, etc., to avoid leakage, loss or theft of data.


In case of possible violation or theft of personal data, must notify the competent supervisory authority within 72 hours from the time acquires knowledge of the specific event, as well as and informing the user / visitor, if for some reason his rights and freedoms are put in high danger. must, at regular intervals, carry out security checks on the flow / storage of personal data, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the rules of storage and use of personal data of the user / visitor. often organizes training activities for all its staff, in order to ensure that everyone is aware of the policies and procedures that have been developed for the protection of personal data.

You can revoke your consent at any time using the Withdraw Consent button. Revoke consent